Member Spotlight: Shelley Leveridge

The members at Halcyon make our world go ’round. We’re ready to shine the spotlight on another awesome Halcyon Works member who has been with us since the beginning. Meet the owner of Folded Owl, Shelley Leveridge. She helps business owners remove some of the financial work from their plates… thus providing them with extra time to create, explore, and live their best lives. Learn more about Folded Owl and Shelley below!

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  1. How long have you been a Halcyon Works member?
    I have been a full-time Halcyon member since March 1, 2017. Fun fact: I was the first full-timer to sign up! One tour through the then unfinished space was all I needed to see to know this was where I belong.
  2. Tell us about your business and what you do.
    Folded Owl services include bookkeeping, payroll management, and personal finance coaching. My dreamiest clients are people who are creatives or work in a creative industry. I have great respect for what they are able to create and relish in being the person to take things off their plate that they don’t enjoy. Me + creative entrepreneur = a really good balance for both of us. It’s my job to get the financial tasks that creative minds often despise off of their to-do list and onto mine. I love a good spreadsheet and will forever be #TeamOxfordComma.
  3. What are your goals or major milestones?
    I just celebrated my five year company anniversary in September. I hear that the sixth anniversary is the real milestone, so everything I do this year will be working toward that goal – making it to six years. My plans currently include: launching a Nestkeeping game for a community of people to come together and declutter their lives to create room for financial and mental abundance (already in progress and going so well!); growing my personal finance coaching service offering; and adding 5-8 more dreamy bookkeeping clients to have deep financial/business relationships with.halcyon works
  4. How do you stay engaged with your community?
    Community is something that is very important to me and one of the reasons why I love Halcyon so much. I stay engaged primarily through volunteerism and sponsorship of events that are important to my personal values. Currently, I am the president and co-founder of Exchange Rotary Club – a dynamic service club dedicated to education in Oklahoma City. I also serve as the Treasury Chair for the Plaza District Festival. Past commitments include Sustainable OKC, Leadership Oklahoma City, OKC Midtown Rotary, and deadCENTER Film Festival. Sponsorships are already committed to Western Avenue Association, Paseo Arts Association and Plaza District for events they will hold in the next six months or so.
  5. What are your favorite things about being a member of Halcyon? 
    – The space is so lovely. All of the natural light (and great views of the rain on other days) gives such a boost to my mood. It’s far from the dullness of any other space I have worked in before. It is so clear that the partners put thought into every single aspect of the space. Not one thing exists there that doesn’t have a reason and purpose behind it being there.
    – Other members are like family to me. There are some of us who have been members together long enough that we’ve developed some really deep bonds. We work together and for each other. And when new people join on they are welcomed into the fold right away. We get to know each other, both from a work perspective and about our personal lives.
    – As I’ve told Erin before – Halcyon has all of the benefits of having coworkers without the drawback of actually having to work with them. (unless we hire each other, which we often do)
    – I have seen a dramatic increase in my creative output thanks to working at Halcyon. I’m working out the creative muscle in my brain just by sharing space with professional creatives.
    – We share our struggles and celebrate our successes together. Like I said, we’re a family.
    – And if I didn’t already know all of that, the fact that I get grumpy when I have to work from home instead of coming into Halcyon tells the story.

Are you ready to get back to your community and back to your business? Join us at our Member Spotlight at 5PM on Wednesday, November 27th. You will learn more about Shelley Leveridge and Folded Owl.

Member Spotlight: Dr. Seth Hickerson

We believe in our members the same way OU fans believe in Sooner magic. No matter what your business endeavors may be – we know you have the power to accomplish awesome things. We’ve decided to shine the spotlight on our full-time members each month. Meet our August Member Spotlight – Dr. Seth Hickerson, Chairman/CEO of BOOST. His business is dedicated to creating mental toughness and leadership in athletes.



How long have you been a Halcyon Works member?
I have been a member since “the beginning”…I think I joined in March.

Tell us about your business and what you do.
At BOOST we help athletes recognize stress and develop ways to overcome adversity (in game) so they can be present and perform at their best even when things aren’t going their way. We use real qualitative and quantitative data to “diagnose” their strengths and weaknesses with regards to mental toughness and leadership…then depending on the profile results, the priority and goal of the athlete, we get to work using applied methods to help them change the way the handle stress.


What are your goals or major milestones?
To have 1,000 members in the 1st 12 months is the next goal. But more importantly to demonstrate effectiveness with re-evaluations of current members.



How do you stay engaged with your community?
Networking and getting out in it.

What are your favorite things about being a member of Halcyon?
Great people, inspiring people, motivated people, outstanding spaces and very welcoming to all.



Stop by our weekly networking event, Halcyon Lounge, on August 30th from 4:30 – 6:00pm to meet Seth as he tells more about BOOST! Give the Boost site a visit to take their free assessment.