Member Spotlight: Dr. Seth Hickerson

We believe in our members the same way OU fans believe in Sooner magic. No matter what your business endeavors may be – we know you have the power to accomplish awesome things. We’ve decided to shine the spotlight on our full-time members each month. Meet our August Member Spotlight – Dr. Seth Hickerson, Chairman/CEO of BOOST. His business is dedicated to creating mental toughness and leadership in athletes.



How long have you been a Halcyon Works member?
I have been a member since “the beginning”…I think I joined in March.

Tell us about your business and what you do.
At BOOST we help athletes recognize stress and develop ways to overcome adversity (in game) so they can be present and perform at their best even when things aren’t going their way. We use real qualitative and quantitative data to “diagnose” their strengths and weaknesses with regards to mental toughness and leadership…then depending on the profile results, the priority and goal of the athlete, we get to work using applied methods to help them change the way the handle stress.


What are your goals or major milestones?
To have 1,000 members in the 1st 12 months is the next goal. But more importantly to demonstrate effectiveness with re-evaluations of current members.



How do you stay engaged with your community?
Networking and getting out in it.

What are your favorite things about being a member of Halcyon?
Great people, inspiring people, motivated people, outstanding spaces and very welcoming to all.



Stop by our weekly networking event, Halcyon Lounge, on August 30th from 4:30 – 6:00pm to meet Seth as he tells more about BOOST! Give the Boost site a visit to take their free assessment.


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