Meet The Founders

Hi there! Erin Cooper here, and I’m one of the co-founders of Halcyon Works. My partners are my husband Tim Cooper, and John Handy Edwards and his wife, Sarah Brune Edwards.

The first question everyone asks us about Halcyon is how we got the idea to start this project, but all credit goes to John & Sarah on that. They came to Tim and I with an idea for a coworking community, and we felt that making a contribution to OKC by helping businesses thrive was something that we all shared a passion for.

We immediately started searching for the right building and the right location, and eventually ended up planting our flag in Paseo Arts District. A creative neighborhood seemed like a perfect fit for us, and being so centrally located with access to restaurants and galleries made a lot of sense for the community we wanted to build.

Our goal through building the space, was to have a more tangible and lasting effect on business world of Oklahoma.

Through our event space, we’ve been able to support business groups and teams coordinating improvements for OKC. Through our efforts with our members, our community has grown from a handful of people to a community of over 125 members, and growing every day. Our team has big plans for 2019, and we want to continue to support our members in unique ways through our hospitality, but also through our efforts to ensure their growth and survival.

We’d like to look up in 10 years and see that Halcyon Works played a valuable part in every successful business that came through our doors.

When you visit Halcyon, chances are you’ll meet Tim or I and even though we’re also running our design studio, CooperHouse, we endeavor to be accessible to all our members when they’re in need of support. We look forward to meeting you and cultivating the growth of your next big idea.