Rachel Maucieri Shares Why She Loves Halcyon

One of our goals at Halcyon Works is creating a community where learning and sharing take place on a daily basis. With that in mind, we often invite our amazing creative friends to share their expertise with our coworking community. Recently, photographer Rachel Maucieri taught a lunch and learn class on photography for Instagram. Rachel is a commercial photographer specializing in food, retail, and hospitality. She and her husband, filmmaker Phil Maucieri, co-own Maucieri Visuals Co., a creative studio in Oklahoma City.

Halcyon: Rachel, you recently left Washington, D.C. to move back to OKC. What brought you back?

Rachel: Though we loved D.C., we were ready to transition out of the Northeast and plant ourselves somewhere closer to family and our roots. We have never lived in OKC together but always felt drawn to it, like it was supposed to be our family’s home some day. So we figured we’d go ahead and make that a reality.


Halcyon: How did you get connected with Halcyon?

Rachel: Erin Cooper needed a photographer for a shoot she was doing with Nina Westbrook and reached out to me one month after we had moved here. We didn’t have any leads on any jobs coming in and barely knew anyone, and then I received that call. After that, Erin and I became fast friends and have continued working on several amazing projects together. I’m super thankful for getting plugged into this community!


Halcyon: What do you like about being a part of Halcyon?

Rachel: I love the connections it has brought me, not just for my career but personally as well. I think it is very inspiring to work alongside other people. When you own your own small business, it can be easy to think you’re in it by yourself. But you don’t have to be! The people at Halcyon have encouraged me when I have felt overwhelmed, and inspire me to consistently do my best work. I cheerlead for Halcyon as often as I can. It’s my favorite co-working space in the city!


Halcyon: What are some of your favorite places in OKC and what do you like about being back?

Rachel: We live right by the Plaza, so I like being able to walk to that area and eat at several good restaurants there. We love Nonesuch, Bar Arbolada, The Jones Assembly, Oso, Empire Slice House and Kitchen 324. And some local businesses that I really love are Sweet Yield Studio, Simpleton Goods, Salt and Water Co., Little Ark, and obviously Halcyon Works 🙂 Just to name a few!